Thursday, July 14, 2011

i love you berry much

so the kiddies and i hit the road for underwood farms this morning to meet up with some of our moms club peeps. we were geared up for some serious berry picking. blueberries were on the agenda but sadly the blueberries were dunzo so it was raspberries instead. first on the agenda though was feeding the already very well fed farm animals.

the kiddies had a ball feeding the llama, goats and chickens!

wes also decided to partake in the farm animal food. "mmmm...carrots."

if a supermodel was berry picking this is how she'd pose.

notice all the green berries...we were a bit early in the season ;)

don't we all wish we had a big sister to hand feed us raspberries?

love her

"bewwie mama!"

now if you've ever picked raspberries then you'll understand when i tell you that we left the farm with 26 berries. basically for every 2 berries we picked wes ate 3. the prickly leaves and swarm of bees didn't help our progress either. (fyi bees are EXTREMELY attracted to sephora brand dry shampoo...don't ask me how i know this.)

berry picking with a toddler makes for very slow progress...

all in all a great day at the farm and so what if we ate our 26 berries in the car on the way home!



your pics are great...what camera do you use? too bad there's no pineapple picking here...i think it's a little more labor intensive. :-)