The Crew

i'm tobi...i also respond to babe, mama, mommy, tob, tobi woo and mrs.  my blog name refers to my childhood nickname of "lou lou."  my hubbers chance and i have been married almost 12 years.  we have 2 gorgeous bambinos.  tatum "sissy", our oldest is soon to be 8 and our little firecracker hell on wheels 19 month old son, weston aka "bubba".  we also have the family pooch daisy, the high maintenance cockapoo that drives us nuts but we couldn't live without.  we're a navy family living in california at the moment. 
i'm addicted to my kindle, reality crap tv, instagram, my iphone, cooking, baking, crafting, sewing, my favorite blogs and my children. 
the hubs is addicted to renovating our OLD 1960's house, bass fishing, wood working and his runkeeper app on his iphone.
tatum is addicted to polly pocket, webkinz, j.b and her bff carmen.
weston is addicted to chuggington, tonka trucks, fro-yo, teddy grahams and mama.
for the record i ONLY type in lowercase...hope that doesn't tick anyone off too much.  call it laziness ;)