Sunday, July 17, 2011

a letter to my sweet girl on her birthday

tatum chase

i love looking at your sweet baby pictures. it feels like just yesterday.

i love remembering what a wonderful baby you were.

i love how brave you are when daddy goes far away for deployments. you help mama more than you will ever know.

i love your beautiful hair. it reminds me of my hair when i was a little girl.

you are beautiful inside and out.

i love that you were our only baby for such a long time. it gave us lots of time to love and cherish just you.

i love how much you trust daddy.

i'm so proud of your academic achievements. you are so smart.

i love how loving and protective you are of your little brother.

i love what an amazing big sister you are. bubba is so lucky to have you.

i love that you're a mama's girl and a daddy's girl.

i love that you share my love of baking...or eating? same thing i guess.

i love your zany sense of humor. you make me laugh so often.

i love how much daddy loves you.

i can't believe you're 8.

my sweet baby tatum. when i was a little girl i always knew i wanted to have a little girl and name her tatum. you have exceeded my wildest dreams with your loving sensitivity and kind heart. i am so proud to be your mommy. on the day that you were born and every birthday you've celebrated since it's like my little girl dream coming true right before my eyes. i love you tatum.

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