Saturday, July 30, 2011

our backyard oasis

hey who wants to come over for a backyard bbq?

bring the kiddies for a jump on the trampoline and a trip down bubba's little tykes slide!

chance can grill up something great on the bbq! just watch your step around the string mapping out our patio outline.

you can all admire my 1 remaining piece of landscaping. this sad little plumeria is hanging on for dear life among all the backyard demo.

we can sit and sip cocktails here. so who's coming over??? anyone? yeah, me neither.

eventually this is the idea we're going for. a lovely paver patio with some bench seating and a fun fire pit for roasting marshmallows. also plenty of green sod for the kiddies to play.

we want something sort of like this too. i can just picture it now....

the hubs is insisting on a pergola as well due to the fact that we have zero shade in our backyard. the plumeria above isn't providing much.

i'm insisting on this precious little sandbox for my bubba. i'll also be investing in a cover so this doesn't become the neighborhood litter box for the plethora of roaming kitties that always show up in our yard. sorry cat people but they creep me out.

as for now though this is what we've got. when your general contractor also has a full time navy job the progress is a bit slow. if and when we ever finish though it's going to be AMAZING!

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