Thursday, August 18, 2011

Insta-Friday week 3

omg! how is it friday again already??? these last few weeks of summer have flown by and mama is not happy about it! i love our leisurely mornings of nick jr, pajamas and my morning coffee i can actually sip and not gulp down like on school mornings. i'm determined to savor our last weekend before tatum heads to 3rd grade...sniff, sniff. how do i have a 3rd grader?? anywho...Insta-Friday is where i link up with jeannett at life rearranged to give you a peek into the silly, mundane and super random things i capture on my iphone.

tatum and carmen and a whole lotta face paint.

polly pocket world. also known as the room formerly know as tatum's.

we wrapped up our back to school shopping this week. yowza!! it's gotten expensive to send your kiddie back to school! a dry erase board, a ream of copy paper, clorox wipes and kleenex?!? what the heck? gone are the days of heading to school with just a new folder and a pack of crayons. one of our stops on the school supply stock-up was the vans store. miss t had asked specifically for hello kitty vans. i thought the display of girly vans was so cute!

so chance and his fellow chiefs are throwing an 80's prom to raise money for the navy's chief petty officer association. i'm over the top excited! totally beats the typical work function. the kiddies and i went to downtown ventura in pursuit of the perfect 80's prom dress. i stumbled across this totally radical jessica mcclintock sequin number! $2.95 at the goodwill! score! i cannot wait to accessorize this dress with the perfect 80's over sized hair bow ;)

technically this is from our trip to carmel but i just stumbled across it and had to squeeze it in. it cracks me at the time i took this i was actually sweating profusely and praying that wes wouldn't accidentally release the emergency brake and roll back through the garage door. my parents on the other hand were totally egging him on in his pretend joy ride in my mom's car. i think once you become grandparents your sense of humor suddenly changes and the sight of a 20 month old in the drivers seat of your very expensive car seems hilarious.

the boy and his blankie.

the paci, i KNOW! we still have it. i'm a bad mother and i cave when he asks for it. by age 2 i swear!!

xoxo, tobi

life rearranged


our story

Jessica McClintock oh the memories!! An 80s prom Sounds like a lot of fun. And a trip to Carmel... oh be still be aching heart! Tatum's room looks like the state of my entire house currently!


lol! i know...jessica mcclintock WAS the brand to have for formal wear for sure! this dress is jessica at her finest complete with velvet, sequins, tulle and lace...ALL in one dress ;)


I'd give that cute little boy anything he wanted too! I know what you mean about the grandparents...and the aunties...and uncles! Can't wait for the after prom pic.