Friday, August 12, 2011

our mini summer vacay

well we're back from our trip and i thought i'd share some of our pics from our trip to carmel to visit my parents aka "mimi and pops." it takes about 5 hours to get to carmel from our house and luckily for me tatum and bubba were angels!

this is the road we all can't wait to finally see. the last hour of the drive takes FOREVER! once we make it to the spreckles exit we know we're in the homestretch.

pit stops at mcd's make the trip bearable for the backseat gang. wes has just been signed to a McDonald's national ad. ;)

the aquarium was a hit with weston. we had to drag him from the tide pool area. i apologize to any starfish manhandled by little toddler hands.

i remember being freaked out to touch this stuff and my kids were all over it. at one point wes was actually blowing bubbles in the water. again, any sea creatures disturbed by my child i apologize.

the one pic i get of my mom and it's blurry. grrr iphone!

we did lots of this. i somehow look topless in this photo. it's a bandeau top peeps i swear!

wes got to fulfill his lifelong dream of being a semi truck driver...

and fireman.

technically this pic isn't from our trip but i failed to get one single pic of my mom and my children so i squeezed this one in from a previous visit. sorry mom.

uncle will and tatum. she worships him and tries so hard to be "cool" in front of my brother. it's darling and he is so sweet and patient with her.

bubba and uncle will. even that hat doesn't make that paci look cool bubba. we are tossing it asap seeing as it's being used for a chew toy.

bubba and pops post ice cream cone. can you see the diabetic shock setting in?

our one group shot. we celebrated with a late birthday dinner for tatum. my mother is the most amazing cook! i think we all gained 10 lbs on this trip. the newlywed lovebirds in the back are my sister and her sweet hubby, matty b. they made the drive up from their love nest in temecula. something about going home sets me on the road to emotional wreck town. i cry over the stupidest things while i'm home. i revert back to my teenage self where i'm uber sensitive. it's a lot of fun for the rest of my family...sorry guys. my favorite part of going home is seeing my parents enjoy my kiddos. a totally different dynamic for our family. the things i'm stressing over as the parent totally delight my mom and dad. "oh look how cute! bubba's licking the priceless antique mirror!" or "isn't that sweet! weston's having a toddler meltdown and demanding chocolate jello pudding at 10 am!"

all in all a fantastic family reunion...minus chance :( next time babe! thanks mom and dad for a great visit!

xoxo, tobi

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mcd's picture, adorable!! :)


Yay! Are these the pictures from Dad's phone? I want the ones from us at the pool...unless they turned out terrible. ;) Very cute, sister. All in all...great to have everyone together.


i love it. the trip, the photos, the description. wish we could drive five hours somewhere!


thanks larisa! it IS great to be able to road trip it when the urge occurs. it's so nice to get back home though! traveling with a toddler makes for very little sleep ;)