Friday, August 12, 2011

InstaFriday week 2

so it's friday and that means i'm sharing a little peek at our week via instagram pics.
i heart Insta-Friday! such a fun way to showcase the little moments that my iphone captured!

my dad and bubba. ice cream a cone. only with mimi and pops would this ever occur. wes was in heaven!

a pic from our trip to the monterey bay aquarium. so cool to take my kiddies somewhere that was such a part of my childhood! countless school field trips were spent there and i have such great memories of going as a kid.

uncle will and bubba. my brother spent much of his time winning weston's affection by sharing his iphone 4. my 20 month old is now partial to the 4 and wants nothing to do with my dated 3gs. toddlers!

my little anna kournikova and her new tennis racquet. one of her birthday gifts from my parents. watch out she's got quite the backhand!

1 of 4 gigantic tomato plants in mom's backyard. my mom apparently hoarded all the green thumb genes and left me with the ability to KILL any plant i touch. thanks mom. if anyone in a 50 mile radius of carmel needs tomatoes my mom can hook you up. she's got tomatoes coming out her ears!

this is what exhaustion looks like. all day at the santa cruz beach boardwalk will do that to you. pay no attention to the yoga pants and mismatched lounge wear.

chance posing in front of his spiffy new gate he built for our yard. this is 9:30 at night. do normal people build gates at 9:30 at night on a wednesday? my guy does and looks dang happy doing it too!

tatum wearing her brother's blankie as a cape. in this pic he's wandering aimlessly looking for the blankie totally oblivious tatum is wearing it. poor boy :(

toddler sized converse just make me smile.


life rearranged



i feel your pain on the brown thumb. i kill EVERYTHING!


I love these pictures from home, Tob. My favorite is Wes w/ Pops. I love you, Tatum, & Wes so much. Wish Chance could have been there.


awww thanks sister! all in all an emotional yet fun trip ;)


yes, baby converse are my favorite. that aquarium looks pretty spectacular...remember the sad one here?!


i DO remember larisa! you would think hawaii could represent a little better when it comes to marine life huh!